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Touted to be An Economical Way to Rid Your Home of Dust Mites - Estimated cost $500.00.

edenpure air cleaners using negative ions and ultraviolet light. Air purifiers are big business; in fact many an infomercial has spent countless hours scaring the heebie-jeebies out of viewers in an effort to get them to purchase an ultraviolet light air purifier. Talk of allergies, asthma, dust mites and pollutants abound, all akin to an effort to convince people their air is so filthy they can’t live without an air purifier system. Air cleaners range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Biotech, makes a nice little unit called the Edenpure Air Purifier. Priced around $300-$700, Biotech claims that the edenPure can actually remove odors from walls and furniture. doesn’t recommend the EdenPURE for odor removal, and discourages readers from using the ozone setting because it may cause health problems.

Eden Pure Air Purifiers
Edenpure air purifiers, made by Biotech, is one of the brands, which has been featured on many such infomercials, in addition to being available for purchase through many edenpurifier distributors. One of the best selling points these sorts of companies use is the existence of dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic bugs, which usually live alongside humans, in the home, with not much consequence. They happily munch on dead skin particles, particularly in bed where most human skin cells are shed. In fact, there are probably dust mites in your hair right now as you read this article. Dust mites, however, can cause big problems for people who suffer from serious allergies and asthma, as the presence of these critters can aggravate symptoms. Eden Pure Air purifiers claim to help to lower the dust mite population since they rid the air of a lot of dust. Since dust is largely made up of dead skin particles, the absence of these particles give the dust mites less to eat, and thus less of a chance to stick around.

Edenpure Air Purifiers Won't Eliminate the Need to Clean Your House!
can eden pure purifiers eliminate dust mites in your hair? Eden Pure Air purifiers aren’t the only way to lower the dust mite population in the home. Regular dusting and vacuuming, preferably on a weekly basis, can help keep the dust in the house at bay and therefore lower the available food for the dust mites. Particular attention should be paid to the bed, since this is where most dust mites hang out. How to clean your mattress from dust mites? A weekly cleaning of blankets and sheets in warm or hot water can do the trick, along with a thorough vacuuming of the mattress itself periodically. If a person does all these things regularly and then adds to the equation a high quality ultraviolet light, negative ion air purifier such as an Edenpure then dust mites should no longer be allergy aggravators and agitators.

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