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Home air filters in homes without clean, quality indoor air - global trends

tv advertised cheap air purification system. Air filters in Your Home: A Five Point Checklist
Buying an home air filter is not all you need when planning to purify the indoor air in your home. Maintaining clean air in the home is definitely not a one step project. Consider at least five points to remember when it’s time to clean the air up there.

Are the sources of pollution all removed?
Contrary to what some people think, home air filters (especially those advertised on TV!) cannot clean up a room for you. Indoor home air filters can only clean airborne particles. In order for a home home air filter to clean these particles, the pollutant source must be eliminated so that new particles aren't constantly being scattered into the air. Pollutant sources include dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, animal dander, tobacco smoke and much more. An air filter cannot trap pollutant sources that are on furniture, carpets, floors and walls. An home air filter can only help with the air purification process, not the house cleaning.

What about home air filters in homes without clean indoor air?
declining global air quality requires excellent home air purification. Clean air in the home is dependent upon purification and ventilation. Fresh air must be brought in as old air is forced outside. Some heating and air conditioning units may have this feature but many do not. If not, then opening a door or window and letting fresh air in is important. Once the air is circulated, harmful particulates will remain even though the air is cleaner. An air filter must then be used to bind the harmful airborne particulate matter to filters and plates that must be replaced and cleaned on a regular basis (every month or so).

Is the air cleaner powerful enough to purify your house?
Air cleaners are only as effective as their size and air circulation rate. The bigger the home air filter, the better it typically does to filter out harmful contaminants. Medium to large portable devices are the most effective, as our cleaners that have high air circulation rates. Yes, these cleaners will use more electricity and may require the frequent replacement of filters. But this is to be compared to smaller ionic generators, that often times have no filters, require less electricity and test very poorly with customers and publications like Consumer Reports.

Can your home air filter take care of toxic particles?
Some filters are specially made with absorbents and reactive materials so that particles from oils, gases, asbestos, liquids, kerosene, and many other harmful chemicals or substances can be removed. But the typical home air filter is not able to remove these particles. Furthermore, in order to remove some types of germs, special UV lamps are needed. Make sure the system does everything you expect it to by checking the features before you buy it.

Is your product EPA safe?
The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that ozone is a lung irritant and can lead to respiratory problems if large quantities are emitted. They have set emission standards that products should not exceed because of possible health hazards. Unfortunately, many electronic and ionic air cleaners still emit large amounts of ozone and so are considered unsafe.

Take the time to research the facts and figures behind air filters. Make sure your home air filter does everything you expect it to and more. Better to be well informed and safe then sorry and broke.
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