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pictures of dust mites. Who discovered dust mites? It probably went a little like this: a researcher or scientist, upon making the discovery of the now infamous dust mites, probably let out a loud “Eew, gross!” and then immediately went home and scrubbed his house from top to bottom. Although dust mites generally don’t cause many problems with the humans who often unknowingly sleep with them every night, mites can actually trigger asthma and allergy attacks in people with breathing sensitivities.

Air cleaners and purifiers come to the rescue. Air purifiers work by drawing in the air and running it through a filter, which captures particles in the air and then release the now-clean air out of the unit. Since dust mites feed on dead skin particles, which are a common component of dust, cleaner air can equal less food for the pesky mites. Less food means less chance for the mites to survive and thrive.

Austin Air Company
negative ions and health benefits of air purification with negative ions. The Austin Air Company is an ecologically sound source for air purifiers. They span the globe with products; there are Austin Air purifiers in Australia, just as there are some in the States. They offer a wide selection of heat exchanger air and water cleaning in addition to HEPA air purifiers. Although their air purifiers cheapest on the market, they are a sound investment for people who require the one of the best filtration systems available. You might be able to find an Internet special if you type in “discout austin air cleaners”. For the frugally minded there are websites, which claim to offer discount Austin air cleaners. Austin also offers a smaller version of their air purifiers for the home, the Austin Air Healthmate Jr HM 200, which costs less than the larger models but still does a decent job of cleaning the air in smaller areas. The Healthmate Jr does everything the bigger models do, just on a smaller scale.

Care should be taken when choosing a product for cleaning indoor air, as not all companies use the same technology nor do all the products work in similar ways. A little research and knowledge can go a long way, and will help a consumer get the right sort of air purifier.

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