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Best room air cleaner for dust in the class of portable room air cleaners and purifiers

consumer report air purifier. There are different kinds of air purifiers and cleaners to choose from, each of different sciences, different prices and of course, competing manufacturers. There are air cleaners that are installed in the ducts, part of a complete heating or air conditioning system. However, when speaking of dust air cleaners, the most popular choice is the portable air cleaner.

Portable Room Air Cleaners And Purifiers
Portable models stand alone and can be placed anywhere in the house. Despite being relatively small in size, they can effectively purify the air of an entire average sized house. Portable models can be mechanical filters, which contain a fan to force air through the filter, or electronic cleaners, which trap charged particles by electrical field.

Ionic Breeze Purifier
Ionic purifiers have a slightly different science than HEPA filters and other portable air purifiers and air cleaners. They charge the particles in a room and then attract them to nearby walls, floors or some kind of included collector object. Like room air and dust cleaners, ionic models may produce ozone, which some consider a risk because it can be a lung irritant. Ionic purifiers may also dirty nearby walls and draperies because they charge airborne particles and attract dust to them.

Personal Air Purifier

personal air purifier. Air purifiers, in addition to being portable and part of a complete system, can also be personal, wearable devices. These air cleaners can be worn around your neck and are lightweight and are as small as 150 mm, or the size of a common pager.

Compare Whole House Air Cleaners
Upon comparing different models of air cleaners, some important factors to keep in mind are: (1) how much percentage of particles the device actually removes (100% would be completely flawless, so the higher number the better); (2) how much air the device can handle, a cleaner processing only a few cubic feet per minute might have difficulty purifying a medium to large sized room, of 1000 cubic feet or more; (3) the noise of a typical portable air cleaner may be noticeable to loud, therefore a quiet but still powerful model would be ideal; (4) choose a balance between effectiveness and affordability. Some models are more effective than others, but are higher priced. The more expensive models also have higher recurring costs to consider, as many types of air cleaners require maintenance and filter replacement.

Air Purifier Consumer Reports recently did a comparison between different types of air cleaners and purifiers as well as HEPA air filters. Small ionizing units were tested and reported as having poor performance. Higher priced electronic models while proving effective, were reported to cost anywhere from $500.00 to $700.00 and some of these bests were not portable, thus requiring professional installation.

Choosing a quality product and keeping your air clean is not difficult, but does require patience and a comprehensive comparison between popular brands and models.
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