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Ultraviolet air purifiers - buying and ozone risks from UV air filters

car air purifier. So you heard from someone, a friend of a friend of a friend, that the air in your home is unclean and you need an effective UV air filter to clean it up. Your friend's friend was right. Every day, there are pollutants entering into your home, latching themselves on your family members and pets, and entering through an opening window or front door. Particles from these pollutant sources remain airborne unless you remove them with ultraviolet air purifiers. Otherwise, they eventually get inhaled by everyone unwise enough to take a deep breath. Well, you can't really help that though, can you?

Actually, you can. While you can't stop breathing, you can stop breathing in pollution when you install a good UV air filter. Ultraviolet air purifiers can help you trap those harmful particles so that you can safely dispose of them, keeping your rooms smelling nice and totally clean.

Different Kinds Of Ultraviolet Air Purifiers (AKA UV air filters)
But what kind of ultraviolet air purifier is right for you? There is never just one of anything in this world, and there are many models of air purifiers to choose from. There are air purifiers that are mechanically based, including furnace filters. There are ultraviolet air purifiers, which trap particles to plates and filters using an electrical field. There are also ionic air purifiers, which attract particles and send them to a nearby source, such as the floor or usually charged metal collectors. Hybrid models are also available which combine technologies of all three.

What's The Deal With Ozone Emissions from Ultraviolet Air Purifiers?
trend and industry assumptions for indoor air quality.One problem with ultraviolet air purifiers that has been reported is the emission of ozone. While ozone is known to naturally oxidize air, (some companies actually brag about using large amounts of ozone) the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that significant amounts of ozone inhaled can be harmful, since ozone is a lung irritant. Ultraviolet air purifiers that emit too much ozone could actually be just as unhealthy and no better at cleaning home air that any other UV air filter. Look for an ultraviolet air purifier that promises little or no ozone emissions and has consumer reports and reviews that prove it lives up to that promise.

Top Web Sites For Ultraviolet Air Purifiers (UV Air Filters)
Some top companies with an established web presence (and extensive online reviews of all their available models) include: EcoQuest, IQAir, Air Bear, Honeywell, Sharper Image, April Air Space-Gard, Surround Air, Rabbit Air, Biozone, Oreck and Heaven Fresh. EcoQuest is known for their advertisements on TV and radio of their Living Air Classic ultraviolet air purifier.

You heard the rumor and now you know the rumor is true. Don't take chances with unclean air. Be nice to your guests, your family and to your own body. It will improve your breathing, your health, and keep your home clean to the very last particle.

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