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whole house air cleaner, house air purifier, whole house air purifier. Many people spend quite a bit of money on expensive sir purifying systems with the express intent on cleaning up the air in their homes. Oftentimes, however, a problem arises when these people expect the air purifier to magically clean the air forever, without ever giving thought to changing the air filter within the unit. Air purifiers just don’t run well with clogged air filters.

Capture the Particles!
A whole house air cleaner will do a great job of removing all the small particles and pollutants within the air, and the filter does the important job of keeping the air particles in place and out of the air circulated within the house. Companies like Hunter and Honeywell air filter also make air purifiers, which aren’t whole house air purifiers, but rather are designed for use in one or two rooms. Honeywell units, for example, need the HEPA air filters changed periodically for optimum performance. A clogged air filter may damage the unit as it tries to compensate for the impaired air flow.

Ionic Technology
Some units don’t use filters per se, but rather have surfaces on the purifiers that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The ionic breeze air purifier works by sending negatively charged ions into the air, which cling to the positively charged air particles, forcing them out of the air and into the air purifier. The owner of the unit then needs to wipe the accumulated dust and other particles from the unit. Sharper Image’s Ionic air tower innovation air purifier is an example of this sort of technology, and these are very appealing for people who do not want the constant expense of replacing air filters for their whole house air cleaner.

honeywell air purifier, description job respiratory therapist. There is a bit of a debate among companies as to which system works best. Manufacturers of the honeywell HEPA filter claim the ionic cleaners are unsafe to the environment, as some release ozone into the air. The ionic companies conversely claim that HEPA filters breed mold spores since they may retain moisture. Since competitors make these claims it’s hard to tell if they hold merit, but each individual consumer should take care to understand which particular unit would work best for them.
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