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House air filters from Kenmore HEPA to Austin Air hm400 to Lennox Indoor Air

replacement hepa air filters by austin.Be nice to your guests, keep your rooms looking clean and shiny, and make sure dinner is delicious. And whatever you do, don’t tell everyone that your guestroom is loaded with millions of harmful air particles and every time someone takes a deep breath to admire your house, they are breathing in polluted air.

Indoor Air Can't Be That Bad!
Sound far-fetched? It’s not. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) the indoor air quality of a typically clean house, is five times worse than the air outside. Why? Many harmful pollutants can enter into a home by way of an open window, persons entering, restless pets, mold in walls and the list goes on. Such pollutant sources as dust, mold, bacteria, pollen, animal dander, and in some cases gases and oils can leave behind harmful airborne particles. While short term effects might be inconvenient and irritating, long-term effects could be much worse, and may even cause disease.

The Answer Is Air Cleaning with HEPA air filters!
Buying an air purifier is a smart thing to do. But how does one shop smart? What kind of air purifier do you really need? If you’re just looking to clean a room or two, then a full ventilation and filtration system might be too costly. Portable air purifiers are usually less expensive and can be put in any location. HEPA air filtration technology has shown to be the best at removing harmful particulate matter from the air at a much greater rate than other home air systems.

In choosing the type of home air system you need, you must also decide what kind of filtering technology is used. There are mechanical air filter devices, electronic, and ionic generators. (There are also hybrid models that use features of all three) Ionic filters are admirable because many models do not require filters, however, the smaller the device, the less effective than a Kenmore HEPA home air filter at cleaning medium to large rooms.

austin air hm400. What Are HEPA Filters And Why Do They Matter?
Most quality air purifiers such as the Austin Air HM400 (Austin Air HealthMate 400) and many filters from Kenmore and Lennox use HEPA filters, which is considered the best filter on the market with a 99.97% success rate at trapping particles 0.3 microns and larger. Depending on the power and effectiveness of the device, HEPA filters may have to be replaced a few times a year and some filters can be costly. Kenmore HEPA replacement filters are typically sold on the Internet at a reasonable price but you can also find them in department stores such as Sears.

The Austin Air hm400 HEPA filter uses a carbon/zeolite unit in conjunction with a HEPA filter that must be replaced every 3 to 5 years and a prefilter that must be cleaned once a month and replaced every 3 months.

Lennox is one of the top manufacturers of indoor air filtration devices. Popular models include the PureAir Purification system, germicidal lamps with UV intensity, the HealthyClimate Media Air Cleaner, and a Humiditrol Whole Home Humidifier to safely control the humidity.

Buy an air purifier and let your houseguests know everything. Let them know that in your home clean and safe air are just as important as a shiny floor.
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