friedrich ultraviolet air purifiers.
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iqair ionic air purifiers.
iq electronic air purifiers. indoor air purifiers.

Electronic Air Purification systems from Friedrich, IQAir, Ecoquest Intl used with Air Conditioning Units

personal air purifier, ionic air purifier. In choosing air purification systems, you have to first decide if you want a system installation, connecting the filter and system to the heating/cooling unit or if you want a portable device.

Mechanical vs. Electronic Air Purification Systems
Both types of air purification systems also can be categorized by technology. Some use mechanical filters, which could be flat or panel and contain a low packing density of a variety of fibers. Sometimes mechanical filters are installed in furnaces as well as ducts. Ionic technology, found in electronic air purification systems, uses static charges to remove particles and attract them to collectors. If a special collector (metal sheet or gold plate) is not included with the system, ionic generators can also attract particles to nearby walls, floors and draperies.

Electronic air purification systems use an electrical field to trap charged particles. They may be called electrostatic precipitators or charged-media filters. For the former, particles are collected on a series of flat plates--the second, on the fibers in a filter.

Concerns About IQAir, Friedrich Air and Ecoquest Electronic Air Purifiers
friedrich air purifier, portable air conditioner, window room air conditioner. Problems with both of these technologies have arisen: both may produce ozone, which is a gas that can cause lung irritation and health problems after prolonged exposure. When choosing an electronic air purifier, make sure to note what the product can and cannot do. Some products, like the Living Air Purifier from Ecoquest cannot remove gaseous pollutants unless they contain certain reactive materials. Some electronic air purifiers now claim to no longer produce ozone. While others, like IQAir and Friedrich air purifiers, state that they produces small amounts of ozone, to the extent that it’s harmless. A careful comparison between the different models and features will be enlightening.

What is a window room air conditioner without an accompanying air purifier?
Imagine breathing in cool air that’s also perfectly clean. A respiratory therapist would tell you that breathing well and remaining healthy is largely dependent on what you are constantly inhaling. If you are constantly inhaling particles of pollutants, then you will always have trouble with allergies, asthma and other illnesses. Why not purchase an electronic air purifier and breath deep again?

Portable Air Conditioner
Portable devices have their advantages, particularly in convenience. Many home air filter models are easy to set up and require virtually no assembly, though some non-portable systems are so complex they do require a professional installation.
indoor air purifiers.
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