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iqair ionic air purifiers.
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honeywell f38 a ionizer air cleaner. Indoor air can be nasty, plain and simple. Some estimates put the level of indoor air pollution anywhere from five to ten times worse than that of outdoor air pollution. So that means that in cities with an orange smog haze outside, even going inside isn’t much of a refuge.

Enter air purifiers. These units use various forms of technology to remove the icky stuff from the air, whether it’s dust or pollutants or allergens or whatever the case may be. All these sorts of things can make you sick, so looking into an air purifier isn’t such a frivolous idea.

Different Options
There are many different kinds of electric air purifiers. Some utilize Activated Carbon in their filters, which is similar to the technology used by the military in chemical warfare gear. Charcoal is infused with oxygen, creating many tiny holes in the charcoal, which then in turn trap chemicals and other pollutants from the air. This sort of technology is effective, but an owner of this sort of system must stay on top of replacing filters since they lose their effectiveness quite quickly.

Ionic air purifiers have received a lot of attention lately, as they seem to be all the rage when it comes to home air purifiers. Ionic purifiers are great since they generally don’t need replacement filters, although this sort of technology relies on the releasing of ozone to control contaminants. The problem with this is that ozone is toxic at certain levels, and can actually trigger asthma attacks in some people. Now that’s counterproductive. If an ionizing air purifier sounds appealing, Honeywell makes a pretty impressive Honeywell electronic air purifier: the Honeywell f 38 a electronic air cleaner ionizer.

air purifiers with hepa filters in australia. HEPA
Air purifiers, which utilize HEPA technology, are a pretty safe bet, although many consumers may tire of the constant need to change out the filters. HEPA filters remove particles from the air by not allowing the particles passage through the filter. The Trion Electronic Air Purifier Console is a safe bet if this is what you’re looking for. Other companies have dozens upon dozens of alternatives, so be sure to do some homework before settling on one particular brand or system.
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