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honeywell electronic air filter. Many people turn to air purifiers and filtration systems to clean the air in their home and businesses. With so many different systems available, though, it may get a little confusing when trying to figure out which sort of system is best. There are many factors to consider when choosing a system, and one of the factors is the need for an electronic air filter.

Air Concerns
Electrostatic air filters for air purifying systems range from inexpensive to quite costly, and can be permanent or replaceable. Most folks purchase filters for their furnace and air conditioning at regular stores, changing the filters maybe every three months or so. This can keep many allergens and other air particles at bay, but for people with major concerns like severe allergies or asthma there are other filters available which can eliminate much higher percentages of particles from the air. Although there is no product, which can remove all pollutants from the air, some of the more pricey filters come awfully close.

Some consumers go a step further and purchase air filtration systems for the entire house, such as the Honeywell Electronic Air Filter System. This unit can be placed wherever it is needed in the house and works independently of any other central air unit within the building. A person could set up a veritable army of air purifiers within their house if that’s their desire.

Negative Ions
benefits of using negative ions to clean the air in your house. There is much hype about air cleaners using negative ions, as this sort of system is fairly new and folks are excited about it. The basics behind negative ions are that they are released from the unit and then cling to particles in the air, which are generally positively charged. The negative ions hold on to the particles and don’t allow them back into the air. Depending upon the unit, the negative ions then either go back into the unit or instead fall to the ground and are later vacuumed up. There are health concerns from negative ions, as some feel this sort of technology may disrupt the natural balance occurring in the air. The benefits of negative ions, however, are being announced on many an infomercial.

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