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REVIEWED: Ionic Air Purifiers, HEPA air filters, and Ozone Air Purifiers.

sun pure air purifier. There might be some things you don’t know about air filters and air purification. Let’s assume that you know by now that your indoor air is abundantly polluted with airborne particles from dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, animal dander and other chemicals. Here are five more points you might want to keep in mind when you go shopping for air purifiers and filters.

1.It's not over till it's over.
While you may balk at the initial price of an air purifier, keep in mind there will also be recurring costs for high quality models. Filters very often have to be replaced, perhaps once or twice a year. Some other parts of the purifier may need to be replaced. The unit will also have to be cleaned and serviced. An air purifier, like any high-tech device, requires maintenance and additional fees.

2. HEPA filters are good things.
HEPA filters are the industry standard when it comes to filters that are highly efficient; the effectiveness rating is 99.97% at trapping particles 0.3 microns and larger or smaller. Though HEPA has quite a history it is far from an outdated filter; it’s the best technology in particle trapping available in the market. If a purifier brags that it doesn’t require HEPA filters you may want to wonder why not.

3. Small ionic air cleaners may be too small and ineffective.
While an ionic air cleaner might be good for a car or a personal air purifier, can it effectively purify your entire house? Not likely. These devices are smaller and usually have a lower air circulation rate. Two popular brands of portable ionic devices tested poorly with Consumer Reports in overall quality as well as safety.

one room air conditioner, hunter air purifier filter. 4.Who or what is ozone?
Well not who-- more like what. Ozone is a colorless gas that is a strong oxidizing agent. However, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has found that excessive amounts of ozone can be harmful and actually cause more respiratory problems than it cures. Make sure the device produces no ozone, or just a small amount of ozone, within the EPA’s limits.

5.Not all air purifiers can absorb gas or liquid particles.
You cannot assume every purifier will get rid of all the harmful particles in your house. Some purifiers can only remove particles of a certain size and cannot remove particles from foreign gases or liquids. When checking the features, make sure that the purifier has the materials needed to protect against all harmful particles.

Before purchasing an air filter make sure to read up on the subject and determine which has the best features for you.
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