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Air Healthmate to keep Indoor Air Cleaner with HEPA Air Filters

Through no fault of your own, your home may be filled with pollutants and left over particles that can cause health problems and uncomfortable breathing. In some cases, lifelong exposure to such unclean air could lead to disease! Here's how to keep air clean inside-some more obvious than others.

industry assumptions for indoor air quality.

1.Keep your house clean.

One mistake in maintaining clean air inside the home would be to assume that an air purifier could somehow magically clean your house. Not true. Air purification only works if you first remove the pollutant sources. If animal dander is all over the couch, and dust is on the picture frame, and mold is growing on the bread under the desk, an air purifier can't help you. An air purifier traps particles in the air and assumes you will take care of the mess on land.

2.Have a good ventilation system.
An air conditioner or a heating unit, unless specified otherwise, usually does not bring fresh air inside the house. It is important to consistently bring in fresh air or else you will always have the same recycled air blowing through. Contrary to what many people think, just having an air cleaner minus a source of fresh air, will not keep your indoor air completely purified.

3.Install a HEPA filter - Here's a an Air Healthmate review suggest url for air purification systems.
Not all air purifiers clean equally. When purchasing a HEPA Air Filter, be sure to note how powerful the unit is, indicated by the high air circulation rate, as well as the size of the unit. The Air HealthMate HM-400 by Austin Air does a superb job at removing odors from large rooms according to reviewers at even thought it doesn’t stack up to comparable air filters from IQAir or Alen for dust and smoke removal. Neither is it the most portable unit on the market at 45 lbs. Some air cleaners were meant to only clean a small room, whereas others could just as easily clean an entire house. The Air Healthmate would fall in the middle somewhere - great for removing odors in large rooms but not so great as a whole-house air purifier.

4.Take care of your air cleaner.
Some air purifiers are more difficult to install than others. Pay careful attention to the instructions including any warnings about how to use the purifier. Perform any maintenance the device requires, along with filter replacement and regular cleanings.

5.Position the air cleaner properly.
In order to air purify an entire house as opposed to just one room; an air purifier must be positioned so that it forces the cleaned air into occupied areas of the house. Also, any walls or furniture must not obstruct the air purifier.

Remember keeping your home free of pollutant particles involves more than just buying an air purifier. Practice these five reminders and you can make sure your house is clean.

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