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iqair ionic air purifiers.
iq electronic air purifiers. indoor air purifiers.


whole house electronic air cleaners. Although Consumer Reports generally states that air purifying systems for home use aren’t entirely necessary, they do agree that in some instances there are people who can benefit greatly from an air cleaning system. People with asthma and allergies may find solace in a system that cleans the air, and may actually suffer from fewer attacks, which result in seeking medical care.

Consumer Reports Quick Pick
By the way, Consumer Reports did list Friedrich Air as a company whose brands are considered “Quick Picks.” This means that if a person does indeed need an ionic air purifier system, Friedrich Air is a good choice. There are other companies which manufacture much more efficient yet expensive models, such as an iqair air purifier. This particular brand has an exclusive partnership with the American Lung Association and is utilized in hospitals and laboratories around the world. Not everyone needs this sort of technology, though. For some people, a simple HEPA filter slipped into their furnace will suffice, as long as the filter is changed every few months.

portable air purifier, ionic air purifier. Air Technology
Friedrich Air is no stranger to air technology. They have been in business since 1883, and they don’t limit their products to air purifiers. They also offer portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and many other selections. As far as air purifiers for the home, they have ionic air purifiers, whole house electrostatic air cleaners, and other offerings, which are suitable for both home and business use. Some of their air cleaning systems can actually be effective in crowded places like gyms and dance clubs. That’s a shining endorsement considering all the pollutants in places like that.

So what happens if everyone equips their homes with an air purifying system? Lots of people will be breathing easier, that's for sure. After all, respiratory therapy is a pretty booming business right now, and that's a good indicator that some people may need to alter the air they breathe at home. Does a respiratory therapist make much in annual salary? They may want to start socking away some savings for when they're no longer needed because everyone goes out and buys a home air filtration system.
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