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Friedrich Air Purifiers c90a and c90b Electronic Cleaners

Cheaper and more Energy Efficient than other home and commercial air purifiers

cheap electronic air purifiers. There are a lot of different brands when it comes to air purifiers for homes and businesses, and each particular brand offers something different. Some companies claim to be the most effective, others claim to have the quietest units, while others claim to be most environmentally sound. The Friedrich air purifiers claim is to run the most efficiently with the least amount of energy. This means less energy costs, making for ample savings in the long run.

Friedrich Air Purifiers Models
This company offers many different models, each of which has its own unique attributes. Of note are the Friedrich C90A Air Purifiers, which has three different settings and received high marks from an independent consumer testing company. This unit is made specifically for home use. It works by sucking in the air and then running it through the filter, capturing a good amount of the airborne particles and pollutants. The fresh air is then returned to the room. Also the friedrich c90a is quite effective.

For business use, try Friedrich C-90b Air Purifiers, which is designed for larger buildings. The company claims that this unit can make the air in the building so much better that not only will employees be more productive and happy, but customers will have a more pleasant experience and maybe even linger longer than they would have otherwise. Bold claims, but clean air is indeed a hot commodity in places like dance clubs and restaurants. This unit can assist with eliminating some of the cigarette smoke in the air too, although they are careful to remind consumers that no unit has the ability to stop the health risks associated with smoking, but rather helps to eliminate the smoke from the air for a more pleasant environment.

Cost Effective
freidrich air cleaner. The Friedrich air cleaners have reusable air filters instead of most companies, which require consumers to purchase replacement filters on a regular basis. The reusable air filter is simply rinsed out with water and reused, and can in fact be washed in the dishwasher. Add to this the fact that the systems run on less energy than other air purifiers, and this particular brand makes a lot of sense.

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