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iqair ionic air purifiers.
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prevent allergies and reduce asthma attacks with good air purifier.Are you annoyed at all those advertisements for air purifiers? Not very worried about air pollutants and all the supposed damage they can do to your respiratory system? Great! Here are some tips to help keep your indoor air polluted.

1.Preserve your air! Never open a window. The process of air purification involves both ventilation and purification. So just keeping your window closed and the fan blowing is a sure way to have a wild pollutant party.

2.Whenever you hear someone commenting about how unhealthy indoor air can be, simply cover your ears. Why hear about all the harmful pollutants such as dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, animal dander, wood, radon, oil, gas, kerosene, second hand tobacco smoke, asbestos, detergent chemicals and pesticides, and more, if you don’t have to? The less you know about air pollutants and how they can cause respiratory illnesses and even cancer or heart disease, the better, right? The best reaction is no action at all—at least in preserving air pollution.

Uh Oh. That Doesn't Sound Right.
Wait a minute. Are you thinking of succumbing to the pressure and purifying your air after all? If you are, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Not all air purification devices are expensive. If you are that concerned about cleaning your air, then you might as well know there are small to medium sized portable devices that are less than a few hundred dollars—some even within the $100.00 range—that can purify a room and get rid of the dirty airborne particles. (If that appeals to you)

If you want to clean more than just one room, and perhaps your entire house, then air distribution is important. Portable air cleaning devices should be situated in a safe place, not obstructed by walls or furniture, so that clean air can be forced into the most occupied rooms. (This hurts air pollution! Are you sure you want to do this?)

ultraviolet air purification. HEPA Filters And Ionic Generators
If you’re really serious about wiping those cute microscopic germs and dust particles out, then HEPA filters are considered practically the best you can do. While not all purification devices have filters, generally, the most effective units use HEPA filters, as they are industry standard 99.97% effective at trapping airborne particles.

If you would like to keep some airborne pollutant particles rather than wiping them all out, buy a small ionic purifier. Consumer Reports gave them a negative review, suggesting they emit too much ozone and are not effective at cleaning large rooms and especially whole houses.

Do You Get The Point?
It’s really up to you if you want to keep air pollution inside your house or get rid of it. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) suggests that indoor air is 5 times worse than the air outside. Breathing in polluted air is a health risk and one that you don’t have to take.
indoor air purifiers.
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