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iqair ionic air purifiers.
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ionic tower air purifier. Open air house plas, which allow for air to move freely throughout the house, are becoming a rarity indeed. With this change also come less air flow, more dust, and unfortunately more allergies and asthma. The air within a home is more often than not more polluted than the air outside. Many residents are now turning to a house air cleaner system to clean up indoor air.

Comparing Brands
It’s difficult to do an accurate air purifier comparison since there are so many different brands and models available. Some units are designed solely to be smoke air purifiers, while others work to eradicate dust mites and other allergens within the house. The technology used varies widely too, as some companies sing the praises of HEPA technology while other companies swear by ionic purifiers. The list goes on and on.

For a quick comparison, here are two very commonly purchased air purifiers: Hunter and Holmes. Both make purifiers appropriate for home use, and neither one is incredibly expensive or designed for use in places like hospitals. They’re both nice purifiers for people who just want their air a little cleaner.

iqair air purifier. HEPA Technology
The Hunter Company utilizes HEPA technology, which means the air is drawn into the unit and then passed through the filter. The filter captures air particles and doesn’t allow them to return out of the unit, making for fresher and cleaner air. The units are stylish and unobtrusive, as they can be placed against a wall if needed.

A Holmes air purifier also utilizes HEPA technology, but they claim to have quieter purifiers than most other companies. This company offers many smaller units, but do not offer the same sort of styles the Hunter Company has.

A HEPA label means the purifier and filter adhere to governmental standards set forth for HEPA technology. So regardless of how much you spend on a certain unit you can be assured that if it says “HEPA” that it’s taking some particles out.
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