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HealthPro Compact, iq air filter. Pollutants such as pollen, dust, animal dander and mold leave behind particles, and the result is that every breath you take is an unhealthy one. This unhealthy but very common living situation can lead to allergy and asthma attacks. This is why IQ Air sells air purifiers for home, business and industrial facilities.

IQ Air Purifier

Air Purifiers are created according to different client needs. The Dental Series specializes towards dentist’s office and laboratories. The Cleanroom H13 series balances high air delivery with high filtration facilities for hospitals and other types of commercial buildings. The Multi Gas GC and GCX line models specializes in gas removal.

The Healthpro purification system, however, is the most popular choice. Regular Healthpro with particulate filtration can rid airborne particles of dust and allergens, mold spores and pet dander. The HealthPro Compact also offers particulate filtration but is not expandable. The Healthpro Plus goes a step further and offers V5-Cell gas phase filtration, which removes various types of gases. This feature is not included with the regular HealthPro line, though the regular HealthPro can be upgraded.

IQAir Filter
IQAir filters should be replaced every 2-4 years, while an IQAir prefilter should ideally be replaced every 6-18 months. The average pre filter costs between $50-$130.00.

MCS Sufferers
iq air living with allergies. People who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities usually have difficulty in shopping for an air cleaner, as many regular models have gas filters that are too small. Air cleaners that use granular activated carbon and a chemically active alumina can remove a wide range of chemicals. With the Multi Gas GC and GCX line, IQAir has met standard MCS requirements.

IQAir products are available in many locations all over the country. The company website can direct you to a nearby dealer for an in-person inspection. However, air purifiers and other accessories are also available online. They can be shipped to your home or post office address for your convenience.

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