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Electrostatic HEPA furnace air filter from Honeywell, Aprilair, and AirEase

how to put in a furnace filter. A furnace filter is considered a mechanical filter, in the different types of air purification technology. Along with electrostatic air filter (precipitators), HEPA furnace air filtration technology and ionic purifiers (generators), mechanical filters are an effective way to purify the air. Furnace air filters are obviously designed to fit furnace filtration systems and are an effective way to mechanically filter furnace air. Consider the types of furnace air filters available.

Types Of Filters
There are disposable fiberglass filters, which are considered inexpensive, and naturally less effective. These filters only protect against fairly large (microscopic) particles of dust and dirt.

Electrostatic filters attract and charge particles. Though more effective than disposable fiberglass, these filters only block less than 25% of airborne particles.

Pleated filters score a higher success rate at near 50%, and use a dense mesh to trap particles. These filters are particularly effective at eliminating allergens like pollen and mold.

Electronic air cleaners use electrodes to create an electrical field that charges particles and collects them on the filter. The success rate is high for these cleaners, upwards of 80% effective against viruses, pollen and mold.

HEPA Furnace Air Filters
HEPA furnace air filters are the industry standard of filters and are considered the best you can buy. The success rate is 99.97% trapping particles at least 0.3 microns in size. Couple a HEPA furnace air filter with a high quality air filter like an AprilAir 2400 (SpaceGard 2400) and a quality furnace like the AirEase Ultra V(5) and you have a safe and healthy combination. Many commercial businesses use HEPA furnace air filters, including hospitals, laboratories and industrial facilities. HEPA furnace air filters can be expensive and are known to block airflow, so some sources consider them “too much” for simple residential use.

air ease furnace air filters. Facts About Furnace Air Filters
Replacing furnace air filters can be a high maintenance task. Handling washable and disposable filters can easily lead to allergy attacks. Yet, filters should be replaced frequently, as much as once a month. Poor handling of furnace equipment and lack of filter replacements, is one of the most common causes of furnace repair issues.

How much do furnace air filters cost? While a regular pleated filter can cost as low as $5.00-$15.00, a high-efficiency (HEPA) air filter can cost as much as $250.00 to $450.00. Electronic cleaners seem to be most expensive, approaching the $650.00 to $850.00 range.

Quality furnace air filters from AprilAir, Honeywell, and Air Bear may be expensive but they are an effective product—provided they are taken care of, serviced, and of course, used frequently!
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