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Air Buddy Personal Auto Air Purifier makes for Fresh Personal Air and it's Portable!

negative ions braclets. Are you just purifying the air in your home and the purifying the air in your auto? What about when you walk around during the day and night? Think about all the polluted air you’re breathing in. Well, even if it’s an advanced case of agoraphobia, you can still protect yourself.

Personal Portable Air Purifier from Air Buddy
Air Buddy makes a personal fresh air purifier for the auto or to wear around your neck. They are no longer bulky systems you have to install into your air ducts. Now, filterless Air Buddy air purifiers can measure as little as 150 mm and be no more conspicuous than carrying a beeper around your neck. A wearable Air Buddy personal air purifier will most likely be of the ionic type of purifier. Ionic technology (such as that made by Ionic Breeze) charges the harmful particles and attracts them to a collector, which could be something as unintrusive as a small metal sheet. A recent study by the US Department of Agriculture found that ionizing a room led to some 50% less dust in the air and 95% less bacteria.

Ionic Breeze Personal Air Purifier
One such product is the Ionic Breeze model. This form of personal air purifier is known to run quiet, as opposed to noisier electric or mechanical models. Its small size and small power requirement make it a popular choice; although complaints about ozone production and the difficult clean up of the collector plate continue.

Auto Air Purifier - Rethink the Buddy Personal Air Purifier for the auto
personal portable air purifiers. If you’re planning to purify the air in an automobile, you may need something slightly more powerful than personal air purifiers like the fresh air buddy. Automobiles may require a little more concentration since they might be exposed to many pollutants everyday, such as smokers, pet owners, and people simply coming home from work. If you’re detailing a vehicle, then mold can build up and unappealing smells can develop inside. An auto air purifier is a must have for a car dealer wanting to sell a car, or simply for a driver who wants the air clean and breathable.

Whole House Air Purifier
Air purifiers for the entire house would also require much more power and concentration than an automobile or air buddy air purifier. Homes have a great deal of pollutants inside because of furniture, pets, windows and returning guests. With homes, you have the option of purchasing a portable air cleaner that can be plugged in, or installing a system to your air ducts and air conditioning/heating unit.

When making air purifier comparisons, whether for personal wear or home installation, always examine the power of the model and the cubic area it can cover, its extra features, and the price—including any recurring maintenance costs.
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