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Best Room Air Filters (Disposable vs. Permanent)

Reviews of Kenmore, Austin Air, and Filtrete room air conditioner filters

austin air filters for large rooms. Discussing the many different types of room air filters and filters can be complicated. Not all room air filters even require filters. Many ionic based room air filters only require the clean up of a metal collector. Some high priced hepa air purifiers from Kenmore, for example, can require a unique filter costing as much as $300.00.

Room Air Filters
The price of room air filters largely depends on the particular model, its features, the technology and the brand name. Some room air filters for portable air cleaners can cost as low as $19.00. Generally, the more efficient the model, the more the air is truly purified, the more money it will cost to maintain the unit. Room air filters always have to be replaced, and some air cleaners must be cleaned regularly and also serviced. Room air filters for complete filtering systems, those installed in ducts of air conditioning and heating units, are also pricier. These filters, installed along with the ventilation system, are very effective, possibly even more so than the room air filters. It is for this reason the replacement hepa filters can sometimes cost up to $300.00 and the air conditioner filtration systems themselves, up to $900.00 or more.

Replacement HEPA Air Purifier Filters from Kenmore
kenmore replacement air filters. Kenmore is a prominent producer of both room air filters and air conditioning filters. HEPA is a technology (high efficiency particulate absorbing) that is said to be 99.97% effective against dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria that measures 0.3 micrometers and larger. HEPA filters, which are mats of fiber, “trap” these particles using diffusion, impaction, or interception. The word HEPA is often used in a general sense as simply a highly efficient filter of any brand. However, it is with the understanding that the filter can reach the HEPA standard of 99.97% and pick up any particles 0.3 micrometers or larger.

Austin Air Filter Supplier And Canada
Austin Air is another filter supplier as well as air cleaner manufacturer. Austin Air's air filter models and the respective replacement filters include the Health Mate, the Health Mate Jr., the Allergy Machine, Baby’s Breath, and Guardian.

Many online companies sell HEPA filters exclusively, while others sell room air filters as well. Ionic technology eliminates the need for filter replacement, though there are also complaints that metal or gold collectors which attract dirty particles, is a messy and occasionally difficult clean up compared to a regular HEPA filter.

Don’t take chances with your health. Purchase room air filters and breathe deeply.
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