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SpaceGard Air Filters from AprilAir for cleaner whole-house air

2ccleaner air hepa purifier, license respiratory therapist. The Space Gard High Efficiency Air Cleaner from Aprilair (sometimes misspelled Space Guard) is a complete air cleaning system. It effectively cleans up air pollutants such as pollen, dust, dander, pet hair, dust mites and tobacco smoke. The cleaner was first released in 1973 and ever since has been reputed to be a silent worker, with relatively low maintenance and mostly inexpensive.

Space Gard 201 Uses HEPA Technology
The Space-Gard 201 filter uses a HEPA-type filtering science (highly efficient particulate air filter) that is said to be 99% effective against dust, pollen, mold and bacteria larger than five microns. For particles smaller than that size a 95% effective rate is quoted. With HEPA, these particles are trapped by the Space Gard 201's fibers by diffusion, interception or impaction. The SpaceGard air cleaner claims to be an improvement over regular HEPA science, and is said to actually improve over time and with more use.

SpaceGard cleaners are classified as mechanical filters, and usually associated with Space Gard furnace type filters. Newer Space-Gard models such as the Space Gard 2200, the Space Gard 2400, and the Space Gard 401 are adaptable to upflow and a horizontal duct configuration. SpaceGuard air cleaners are ideal for server room air circulation because they are installed in ducts or furnaces. These types of air cleaners install onto the system of an air conditioner or heater, they are not portable like many other types of cleaners or a car air purifier.

Space Gard Air Cleaner 2200 Vs. Living Air Purifier
living air purifier, 2ccleaner air hepa purifier, living air purifier. When comparing “living air purifiers” (products by Ecoquest which is a spin off of Alpine) to Space-Gard models you notice many differences. While Ecoquest is known for its quality and variety of air purifying products, their models are electronically and ionically based. For one thing, Space-Gard cleaners have no moving parts and thus do not have all the maintenance of living air purifiers. SpaceGards do not use any large amounts of electricity nor are they noisy, whereas other types of cleaners are notorious for both. Space-Gards come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Texas Department Of Health Of Respiratory Care
The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the department of health in every state, are concerned about ozone production. This is a controversial feature of many air cleaners of ionic and electric technology. Ozone can be a lung irritant. Even low amounts of ozone can cause chest pain, shortness of breath and throat irritation. Space-Gard air cleaners are well known for producing no ozone, and being exceptionally safe for households.

Space-Gard air filter systems may be just what you need to keep your home free of pollutants and completely breathable.
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