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Relief from allergies to indoor air pollution with 3m, electrostatic filter

whole house air, buy air purifier. Many times the exact cause of allergies is unknown. The most that you might know is that there is something in the home that is causing your allergies to be triggered. Air testing might help to determine the exact cause of your allergic reaction to indoor air pollution. If you have recently seen a doctor, he or she might have given you some suggestions on how you can alleviate allergies to indoor air. One surefire way to get allergy relief is to rid your air of allergens with a home air filter. Improving the quality of indoor air by removing allergens is certainly possible with a 3m furnace air filter or a portable or wholehouse electrostatic filter. Be careful though. Your allergies may increase with an air filter or you may be allergic to something that is emmited by your air filter such as ozone.

Relief From Allergies with a 3M furnace Air Filter or an Electrostatic filter
You might think that choosing an air filter to get relief from allergies is a fairly simple process. Since there are so many different kinds of air filters to choose from, this isn’t a very easy choice to make. A recommendation from your doctor might help to narrow down the choices. If you try to make the selection on your own it could take some time.

There are many different kinds of air filters and purifiers. Some of these are installed in your furnace or forced air unit such as a 3M air filter and some are portable electrostatic air filter units.

In addition to these kinds there are mechanical, electrostatic, hybrid, and gas filters. The mechanical air filter catches allergens in a screen. The electrostatic air filter traps particles that could cause an allergic reaction. The hybrid system is a combination of the mechanical and electrostatic filter. The gas filter removes gases from the air. Be careful when considering the gas filter because it only works for gases and not for particles.

maytag room air conditioner, austin air purifier. Choosing the Right Kind of Allergy Air Filter
You definitely have your work cut out for you when it comes to choosing the right electrostatic or 3M furnace air filter. Since there are so many different kinds of forced air unit and electrostatic portable air filters that work in various ways you really have to know your allergy type in order to choose the best kind of filter for you. Don't use an electrostatic air filter if you are allergic to ozone. Once you try out a filter, if you are not satisfied with how it works you can take it back and exchange it for another kind of filter. If you continue this process until you have found a suitable air filter, you are sure to find relief from your allergies.

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